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Affiliates Referral Program

By referring potential piano rebuilding customers to Plum Piano Restoration, Inc., piano technicians and other associated professionals can expand the services they are able to offer their customers. You now have access to a complete rebuilding shop to help meet your client’s needs.

We are able to furnish a full range of restoration services including piano refinishing, re-stringing and action rebuilding. We can even arrange for pick-up and transport. Other available services include furniture refinishing, piano buying, sales & consignments, custom accessories and appraisals. Affiliates can choose to sub-contract work through Plum Piano Restoration, Inc. or have customers contract directly with us and receive a commission/referral fee on the work.

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*Quotes furnished via this page should be considered estimates only, based on information provided, and are subject to revision upon further inspection of the instrument. A formal Proposal detailing the scope of work, total Costs and Terms & Conditions will be presented to the Customer for written acceptance prior to start of any restoration work.