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Rebuilding Pianos

At Plum Piano Restoration, we believe that a fine instrument – such as a Steinway, Mason & Hamlin or Bösendorfer - can, in many cases, be reconstructed to better-than-new condition. Below is a general overview of the process we follow. No part of the piano goes untouched.

75% of the work happens in the first four steps, particularly in surface preparation (sanding and cleaning). We then apply at least 20 coats of lacquer and varnish to bring out the piano's beauty and durability. The piano is given a voice and tonal personality through precise damper & trapwork reconstruction and action regulation.

The finished instrument is brought into tune and can be enjoyed for many years to come or sold at a substantially higher price.

Step 1: Unstringing

Step 2: Disassembly

Step 3: Electroplating

Step 4: Surface Preparation

Step 5: Refinishing & Keytops

Step 6: New Pinblock

Step 7: Dampers and Trapwork

Step 8: Action Regulation

Step 9: Reassembly, Tuning & Finish